Talks and classes

Links to talks and classes I have given in various contexts.

My Introduction and talk at the February 10, 2018, "God, Science, and Humanity" conference sponsored by the Prayer Book Society:

My talk at the 2017 Annual Conference of the Prayer Book Society:

Sunday School class from 2013, "Jesus, the Face of God: Anglican perspectives on faith, science, and faithful living."  Seven sessions, including an Introduction and 6 classes.
    *  Introduction: handout
    * "What is science and what is it not?" handout, slides, audio
    * "What do we mean by faith?" handout, slides, audio
    * "Faithful knowing in science or faith." handout, slides, audio
    * "How can science and faith relate?" handout1, handout2, slides, audio
    * "Seeing the hand of God in the world." handout, slides, audio
    *  Final discussion and wrap-up. handout, slides, audio
        *Concatenated all handout files, all slide files

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